Rose Law Group
“Rose Law Group was a pleasure working with on getting our Use Permit approved, we would highly recommend this firm for any technical issues. Many thanks to Court, Nick and Mike.”

- Larry & Janet Hischer, Twisted Tree Farm, Inc.

“Rose Law is the greatest. They are thoughtful, savvy and always take good care of my clients. It is a pleasure to recommend them. I know you will be pleased.”

- Steve Kellogg Coe & Van Loo Consultants, Inc

“Rose Law is the greatest. They are thoughtful, savvy and always take good care of my clients. It is a pleasure to recommend them. I know you will be pleased.”

- Bohdan Hirniak

“Jordan Rose is not just a fantastic attorney, she is one of my most favorite people. She is devoted to her work and community; but more importantly, she is first and foremost devoted to her family and friends.”

- Stacy Brimhall, Langley Properties

“Seldom in business relationships have I had the pleasure to deal with a firm that possesses such high levels of skill, key relationships, and most of all integrity. The Rose Law Group is a breath of fresh air in a world that is more complex each and every day.”

- Harold Christ, Pyramid Community Developers

“My experience with Rose Law Group has been exceptional...having worked with small and large law firms over many years, I have found RLG to be the best in overall performance, client service and what I find the most appealing and unique, the attorneys I have been associated with are open to truly working with their client as a partner in achieving the desired legal outcome/results.”

- Dr. Susan Roe, The Roe Group Enterprises

“With all the time we have all spent together on this project I have to tip my hat to not only the amount of professionalism but the constant communication and receptive attitude your firm has carried from the beginning. I will always entertain your services in all future Interra projects.”

- Eric Godard, Vice President Design and Construction, Interra Development Partners

“RLG is a firm that invests itself with their client's business. They are just not providing legal advice and services, they have built relationships in our business and invested in providing services that helps us deliver our core mission to provide the services that meets our client's needs in line with our company culture and values”

- John Carlson, DBIA, Vice President Heavy Civil Division, Sundt Construction

“If legal Armageddon comes my way, I want Rose Law Group on my team.”

- Steve Havertine

“The congrats belong to you folks. You did a great job and got creative at the end. You guys are the BEST!”

- Tom Tierney

“Jordan and the best damm group in town -I just got off the phone with Harold where he informed me of your outstanding success yesterday. As he was telling me this (sounds a little sappy) but I got goose bumps on my arm. I reflected on the many years and failed attempts and how incredible your achievement truly is. I can't begin to express my appreciation for all your hard work. You all should be congratulated.”

- Bill Hawkins

“I wish I had a business partner like you in every state.”

- Seth R. Weissman SolarCity

“I wanted you to know what a phenomenal experience I have had with your organization. You have the most down to earth, yet highly intelligent, people working there. Thank you for being such a great example of excellence, coupled with a heart of gold. Cheers!”

- David F. Kotter, Integrity Capital, LLC

“As a lawyer, I believe I'm a fairly sophisticated consumer of legal services. I wanted to take a moment to say you did an absolutely fantastic job. I really appreciate your effort and hard work. ”

- Alex Lane

“And thank you again for everything. I really didn't know how stressed and upset I really was, until I started feeling some relief by knowing things are finally going to get resolved. I was SICK everyday in my own home. It's a SERIOUS relief. You've been a Godsend.”

- Melissa Hill

“I started to write this to thank you for your referrals at Rose Law. Both attorneys are more than we could have hoped for. Stacey called earlier and is so much more comfortable than she was before. Your associates are smart, patient, and really good about explaining the 'whys'.”

- Gina

“Thank you Kaine for helping me out with this difficult life changing event, you were respectful and understanding through out the whole ordeal.”

- Nick

Welcome To Rose Law Group | Scottsdale, AZ

We could boast about being Arizona's leading firm for renewable energy work. Or we could tell you about our unmatched real estate and family law & divorce practices. Or any one of our 27 areas of focused practice. But the bottom line is this: Rose Law Group pc, works hard to get it done for you. Period. And to get it done, we offer experience. Creative solutions.  The benefit of key relationships. Responsiveness. Hard work. Speed. Unmatched dedication. You hire Rose Law Group and you hire a team of attorneys, planners, project managers and legal assistants that has helped its clients win. And we will do the same for you.