The heroes who stopped Subway’s foot-long fakery; Rose Law Group Chair of Class Actions Department Katie Honecker comments

Class Actions

Thanks to a class action suit for false advertising, Subway restaurants in the United States will now measure every 6-inch and foot-long sandwich they make. Moving forward, customers can expect to get what they paid for.

Still, no one will get rich from this legal wrangling. So why did anyone bother? Answer: there are other reasons for class action suits that go beyond monetary gain.

“To understand the value of the Subway settlement, you must understand the class action procedural device,” says Kathryn Honecker, chair of the Class Actions Department at Rose Law Group pc. “Class actions allow for the grouping of claims that often would have a small or even zero-damages’ value if brought individually. Lawsuits are expensive, and people generally will not expose themselves to those expenses when the amount of damages involved in a potential case is small or nonexistent.”