[EDITORIAL] Emery: drug rehab next door in the Town of Paradise Valley?

Gary Emery

(Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents the neighbors on Sunnyvale Road fighting to preserve the residential character of their neighborhood)

by Gary Emery | Paradise Valley Independent

Up until two weeks ago I never would have expected to be writing anything like this.

It informed me and only eight of my neighbors that a hearing before a single hearing officer was to occur in quick order just three business days later, the results of which could totally change the character of my neighborhood, potentially your neighborhood next, and that of our great town.

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The idea of due process is not being served by these facts.On the evening of June 1 I opened my mail to find a formal notice — the first — that my next door neighbor at 7102 E. Sunnyvale Road was proposing to convert his residence into a 10-person, live-in commercial drug rehab treatment center.