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When you hire Rose Law Group, you hire a team of attorneys, planners, project managers and legal assistants that have helped their clients win. And we will do the same for you.
"If not for you and your help early on, I never would have gotten this far... THANK YOU!"
Larry & Janet Hischer,
"Rose Law Group was a pleasure working with on getting our Use Permit approved, we would highly recommend this firm for any technical issues. Many thanks to Court, Nick, and Mike."
Twisted Tree Farm, Inc.
"I started to write this to thank you for your referrals at Rose Law. Both attorneys are more than we could have hoped for. Stacey called earlier and is so much more comfortable than she was before. Your associates are smart, patient, and really good about explaining the why's."
Litigation Client
"Both Abigail and I are so grateful to have met [Andy Turk] and for your brilliant services! You are a gift to our field!"
Dr. Susan Roe
"My experience with Rose Law Group has been exceptional... having worked with small and large law firms over many years, I have found RLG to be the best in overall performance, client service and what I find the most appealing and unique, the attorneys I have been associated with are open to truly working with their client as a partner in achieving the desired legal outcome/results."
The Roe Group Enterprises
Current Client
"Kaine, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you personally for your approach on my matter. You, and Amica have really impressed me during such difficult times, and it kept me inspired to get as much as I could get done with such a hectic schedule. I'm sure yours was as well! So thank you sir! My hat's off to you in respect!"
Buck Ford
"As the situation started to unfold it provided opportunities to see why we made such a good decision in using Adam and your firm. Not only was he willing to fight on our behalf and do whatever he could do to help us through this situation but he also operated in an advisory role that helped us see through the fog of some of the emotions that we have been dealing with. Sometimes your judgment, despite your best intentions, can be impaired when you are dealing with emotions that run so deep. He was able to at times suggest us in the right direction and at times challenge us when the situation called for it. As the dust has started to settle over this situation, we can look back with confidence and realize that Adam helped us make the right decisions even if we were not sure at the time, nor were we always the easiest clients."
Michael Corso
"Jordan, Tom Galvin, and Cameron just advised us through a mini-crisis on a project in Mesa. Wanted to let you know how happy we were with their work. They kept both me and my dad calm, not an easy task. We’re excited to be a part of the firm, and we look forward to working with you in the future."
Current Client
"Kaine, you have been the most creative and smart attorney with whom I have worked (and there’s been a few), and I am so glad you took this case. When you told me it was “unprecedented in Arizona” for XX to have his parenting suspended, I knew this was no easy case for you, too. Your advice has been always timely and genius. I hope this case does lend some positive notoriety to your services also."
Mike Lafferty
"Dan is a part of our real estate team, and we depend on him very much. He always picks up his phone, he’s always in a good mood, and he always gets the work done ASAP. He’s a true asset to my real estate investment company"
Past Client
"I started to write this to thank you for your referrals at Rose Law. Both attorneys are more than we could have hoped for. Stacey called earlier and is so much more comfortable than she was before. Your associates are smart, patient, and really good about explaining the why's. Thank you, Kaine, for helping me out with this difficult life-changing event, you were respectful and understanding throughout the whole ordeal."
Jace L. McQuivey
"Just wanted to report how much I appreciate your team.  Particularly Chris Webb. We met, and I was reminded how much I rely on Chris and your team to keep me informed on our assets in Arizona.  I have responsibilities for properties all over the country, but I have the most confidence with my Arizona assets because of the attention and strategic thinking Chris provides. Just wanted to pause and say thanks!"
Vice President – Land Division, Property Reserve, Inc.
Diane Moser
"[We] were just talking about the early days of BASIS and some of our challenges. [Jordan's] name came up and how instrumental you were in paving the way for BASIS Scottsdale to happen, and now 27 schools in Arizona… still very hard to believe."
Chief of Staff, BASIS Educational Ventures
David F. Kotter
"I wanted you to know what a phenomenal experience I have had with your organization. You have the most down to earth, yet highly intelligent, people working there. Thank you for being such a great example of excellence, coupled with a heart of gold. Cheers!"
Integrity Capital, LLC.
Tom Tierney
"The congrats belong to you folks. You did a great job and got creative at the end. You guys are the BEST!"
Travis Snider
“RLG is the best money he has ever spent!”
Travis Snider
Arizona Sonoran Copper Company
Opportunity Zone Client
"Thanks for the hookup with Dan, he is an absolutely rockstar and we have great synergy! Thank you!"
Family Law Client
"Kaine, I just want to express our deepest thanks and appreciation for all the hard work and effort that you gave to our case. You and your entire team, especially Amica and Audra, were responsive and followed up on any and all questions and concerns. We would recommend you and your firm to anyone that asks, we are pleased with the outcome. It is hard to express in writing just how happy and relieved both myself and my wife are at the moment."
Viraj Gandhi
"Thank you so much for making the deal happen. Shruti and Trista worked at all hours of day & night to get this deal closed within my timeline. Truly appreciate. Jordan, both these ladies are absolute rockstars! And thanks a lot for your help."
Viraj Gandhi
Chief Executive Officer, Medivant Healthcare
Pete Chase
"Andrew, John and Olen, I want to thank you for all your hard work, I'm glad that you represented us in this case and would recommend Rose Law to anyone looking for good attorneys for representation. Marty wanted the best and I gave him the best with all of you at Rose Law Group."
Kira Brown
"I can't even tell you how awesome Ryan was. It was actually a fun process with the Rose team. What An amazing group. I'm heading to submit our winning application now!"
David Fenton
"Shruti was ruthless on our behalf, made sure our interest was always protected, out smarted and out witted opposing counsel, came up with some very creative thoughts / ideas and ended up negotiating a final deal that we closed on late yesterday afternoon. What we tried to accomplish over a prior 7 month period with previous counsel in NY, Shruti got it done and across the goal line in weeks, not months. I have worked with attorneys all over the United States including the top firms in Manhattan and Shruti is by far the best transactional attorney I have ever had the privilege to work with. Going forward, Shruti and your firm will be our corporation counsel and will handle 100% of our legal work."
Traffic Engineering Client
"We were very impressed by you and your staff. When we talked to Kelly about our meeting, Cole told her, 'So she walked down the hall to get her own Traffic Engineer to pull into the meeting... no one has a Traffic Engineer on staff.'"
Linda Pope
"My husband Jack and I are ecstatic about the integrity of Evan Bolick as an attorney and as a person. He works 7 days a week and doesn't care about the money from a customer but cares about the customer’s best interest. We would receive emails from him on evenings, holidays, weekends. I've worked with attorneys in the past when I worked, and he's by far the most impressive, best, most dedicated I've ever met or worked with!"
Harold Christ
"Seldom in business relationships have I had the pleasure to deal with a firm that possesses such high levels of skill, key relationships, and most of all integrity. The Rose Law Group is a breath of fresh air in a world that is more complex each and every day."
Pyramid Community Developers
Neil Brooks
"An amazing outcome!!! I still can't believe it!"
Current Client
"Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to me and my family. I am so very thankful that we employed you as our attorney."
Current Client
I thank you and the team at Rose Law Group. This is the best legal service I have ever had.
VetsBuilt Contracting, LLC.
"Well, Rose Law Group appears to be my go-to Law Firm. The land deal that Dan helped with will close next week. I was able to get 17 investors to sign all associated docs this past week. Holy moly!!!!! Thanks for all of your help."
Lyn Music
"Amazing! Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf, Jordan."
Vice President, Operations, BASIS.Ed
Kevin R. – Transactions client
“Thanks Adam, you’ve been amazing since the beginning and I appreciate you and your firm.”
Jason Mitchel
"Logan is awesome. I'm so pissed I didn't have him from the beginning. Actually, your whole team is awesome. Truly. I love working with RLG."
Jason Mitchel Group
Eric Godard
"With all the time we have all spent together on this project, I have to tip my hat to not only the amount of professionalism but the constant communication and receptive attitude your firm has carried from the beginning. I will always entertain your services in all future Interra projects."
Vice President Design and Construction, Interra Development Partners
Bill Hawkins
"Jordan and the best damn group in town -I just got off the phone with Harold where he informed me of your outstanding success yesterday. As he was telling me this (sounds a little sappy) but I got goose bumps on my arm. I reflected on the many years and failed attempts and how incredible your achievement truly is. I can't begin to express my appreciation for all your hard work. You all should be congratulated."
Tim Riester
"I want to personally thank Jordan Rose from Rose Law Group, who offered us council. She created this opportunity for us to have a negotiation that turned into something that's beautiful for both of our organizations (Gila River Indian Community and Phoenix Rising FC). Jordan, thank you, we appreciate you."
Phoenix Rising Co-Owner
Arizona Elite Motorsports
"Olen... regarding a favorable outcome in court, we wanted to extend a big thank you to you. We are so grateful for your knowledge and expertise in aiding us in our case...we thought you did an exceptional job in a short period of time."
Nancy Trenkle
"Last week, Adam Trenk represented us in court for a harassment injunction. He not only won the case, but out-shined his opposing counsel. He was quick to pick up on inconsistencies in people's testimonies and attack the point, while at the same time being polite and respectful to everyone in the courtroom. He is always thoroughly prepared and well-informed of the matters we are dealing with. Most importantly, he is very patient in explaining the pros and cons and what he feels is the best legal approach to a situation – even when I'm being stubborn and want my own way."
Don Murphy
"Thx Jordan! You and your Team did a great job for us, and your efforts/results are appreciated!"
President Shea Homes, Arizona
Michael Pollack
"Tom, I would be proud to stand next to you anytime in a battle. Best Regards Always."
John, Christi, Joslyn & Carson Ramer
"Jordan! We want to say Thank You So Much for all your HARD WORK on our behalf!. You are simply an AMAZING woman, and we were so proud to have had you represent us!!!! Tom did an Awesome job today, and we are so grateful for him!!"
Litigation Client
I don’t have words to thank you... I am thankful and don’t take for granted that Sarah and Olen are on top of things while I am stretched. I truly appreciate it and hope I will be done soon with the mess I have been dealing with; almost there.
Desa & Scott
"Mr. Howard Meyers is absolutely the BEST attorney you can ever hope to have! Especially if you are in need of representation as a creditor in bankruptcy court. He has, more than once, performed MIRACLES when it has come to saving our judgement from being discharged by the debtors. We are forever grateful and appreciative of all of Mr. Meyers incredible support and flawless representation over the past several years."
Scott and Nicole Goldberg
"Jordan, We thank you for the great job you did. Your assertiveness was great to watch. Please let your team know how much we appreciate their efforts."
Barb DeLisa
"Fantastic news, Jordan!! We really needed this, so thank you."
Director of Operations, BASIS.Ed
Shannon Vott
"He was very attentive, he always picked up my phone calls and responded to All my emails very quickly and took the time to listen to what we wanted. I really think without George Finnbeing by our side every step of the way this would of not worked out for us. He is fantastic!!!"
Shannon Vott
Harry M. Lourimore
"I continue to be impressed with George Finn’s performance! He may be the fastest and most responsive counsel that I’ve ever used in a transaction, but without sacrificing quality in the process. I thoroughly enjoy working with him and feel very confident that I’m in good hands, with respect to having counsel who is looking out for my interests. Looking forward to working on the current deal with him, and another that is coming my way in the next few days."
Founder/President of Lourimore Land & Development, LLC
Past Client
"I want to thank Darius and his team for representing me in my asylum process which we won with excellent results, one of the happiest days of my life for me and my daughter who is in college and thanks to Darius she will soon be able to acquire all the benefits of the government, Infinitely grateful for his diligence and professionalism, more than recommended for any immigration process!!!"
Maria Pombo
"I cannot thank you enough for all your assistance with this matter, most importantly the time you took each time I called. Appreciated."
Barb DeLisa
"Jordan, this is GREAT news and you are amazing! Thank you."
Director of Operations, BASIS.Ed
Chris Bannon
"Cameron was great. Thx for the Jordan Rose special! We are back selling as of today."
Canada Partners
Alexandra M.
"Darius was the best lawyer I have ever hired. He is extremely professional, while being friendly and helpful. He went above and beyond to help me obtain my citizenship, including accompanying me to the interview. He handled the entire process for me from start to finish. The only thing I had to do was study for my citizenship test. It was a pleasure working with Darius and Rose Law."
Stuart Levy
"Thanks Shruti for navigating us through this tortuous, torturous deal! May all others be far easier & less contentious... and involve sane, rational business principles with principles! Thanks & Congrats to Our Side!"
Stuart Levy Fine Art LLC.
Past Client
"Kaine, I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did in representing me in my divorce. I have given your name to several individuals for legal matters, and I will continue to do so."
Stacy Brimhall
"Jordan Rose is not just a fantastic attorney, she is one of my most favorite people. She is devoted to her work and community; but more importantly, she is first and foremost devoted to her family and friends."
Langley Properties
John Carlson
"RLG is a firm that invests itself with their client's business. They are just not providing legal advice and services, they have built relationships in our business and invested in providing services that helps us deliver our core mission to provide the services that meets our client's needs in line with our company culture and values."
DBIA, Vice President Heavy Civil Division, Sundt Construction
James Clark
“Because it's a small case, we worried that it wouldn't get the attention needed. But, you listened, responded and executed on this problem with the precision of a surgeon. I thank you for that. Now we can relax, and let Olen run the rest of this case. Excellent work !!!”
Current Client
"I ended my day yesterday better than it's been for the last 65 days due to justice prevailing as a result of the superb legal team at Rose Law Group! I arrived to get this news, to look into my husband’s smiling eyes, and get the biggest celebration hugs ever!! ...and he detailed my truck for me too!! This is a dream delivered to me from the Dream Team at the Rose Law Group!!!"
Mike Watts
"Jordan, [would] like to commend you and the team. Great and timely work but also --- nice personalities for all. Thx for telling me of this opportunity and then jumping thru hoops to make sure I got in. Fingers crossed."
Castle Hot Springs
Larry Read
"I want to bring your attention to the fine job Ms. Carey Hebert did representing us (Oil Changers, Inc) in the sale of our Company. We used Carey earlier in the year on a Limited Partnership redemption. I liked her style, work ethic, and competence, so decided to engage her to represent us in the sale. We have used a very large firm in San Francisco for the last 25 years. This was a deal complicated by 2 separate Private Equity Firms as buyers. Selling Company was a C Corp, the deal was a stock sale without Audited Financial Statements. Due Diligence required underwriting standards to be met, as AIG was needed by the buyer to insure Reps & Warranties. Carey immediately took ownership of the deal, took a pragmatic approach of my interests on the big issues, without risking the deal by over lawyering the little ones. More important was the way she handled the sale side against 4 lawyers at a large “White Shoes Law Firm" on the buy side. We trusted Carey Herbert of your firm with our $50,000,000 deal. She made it fun, got it done, and I think she’s a Rock Star!"
CEO, North American Lubricants Corp.
Seth R. Weissman,
"I wish I had a business partner like you in every state."
Current Client
"Jordan and Cameron, thank you so much for the great job you did on getting the Extension. Cameron, it was great negotiating…  You turned… from an enemy into our supporter. Jordan, a great show of finesse and patience with a contentious hearing. It is a pleasure to work with you both."
"Adam, thank you so much for the help with the contracts and LLC. You have been great to work with, and your staff has been great as well. We will have to have you out to the ranch once things get settled."
Maria Hunter
"Wanted to send a quick note to let you know that the property dispute you have been helping me resolve has come to an end! The house sold, and the funds were dispersed as negotiated. I truly appreciate your hard work and solid advice over the past few months."
Immigration Client
"Darius Amiri, you are the best immigration lawyer in Arizona."
Steve Kellogg
"Rose Law is the greatest. They are thoughtful, savvy and always take good care of my clients. It is a pleasure to recommend them. I know you will be pleased."
Coe & Van Loo Consultants, Inc.
Bohdan Hirniak
"Rose Law is the greatest. They are thoughtful, savvy and always take good care of my clients. It is a pleasure to recommend them. I know you will be pleased."
Jason and Claudia
“We do want to thank [Andy Turk] from the bottom of our heart for your kindness and your guidance. You gave us sound advice, and forever we will be grateful to you. … Aside from God, we know who to turn to if we ever need help.”
Chad Fuller
"Just heard the news about what you got for us in Scottsdale. That is another major win you have helped us get (don’t forget the Pinal County lawsuit). Thanks for all the hard work you put in for my company."
VP, Chief Legal Office, K. Hovnanian Homes
Liza Smith
"Thank you so much. You all are so amazing and helped me figure out and handle this situation with such professionalism and integrity. John was absolutely incredible at giving me guidance and sorting through our drama with diligence, clarity and support."
Liza Smith
Select Imported Wines
David Fenton
"Court rocks!! Get it done, no bull sh*t guy and obvious his business acumen is up there with the best. What more can I say."
PermaFrost Energy Solutions
Chuck Chisholm
"Just want to give a shout-out to Jennifer Hall for a job well done on this one. This was all about the community outreach. Our predecessor who previously attempted a rezoning for larger lots failed because they did not work with the neighbors like we did. We really appreciate the hard work you put into this."
Director, Land Planning at K. Hovnanian Phoenix Division Inc.

Rose Law Group pc is a full-service real estate and business law firm practicing in land use, zoning, Web3, blockchain/smart contracts, metaverse, renewable energy, government relations and lobbying, administrative law, family law, transactional real estate, employment law, water law, Native American relations, ADA compliance, infrastructure finance, special districts taxation, business formation/corporation transactions, business litigation, school law, cyber-defamation, cyber-privacy, drone law, cannabis law, hemp law, intellectual property, estate planning, asset protection, private litigation, class actions and DUI’s.

Rose Law Group pc values “outrageous client service.” We pride ourselves on hyper-responsiveness to our clients’ needs and an extraordinary record of success in achieving our clients’ goals. We know we get results, and our list of outstanding clients speaks to the quality of our work.

We are honored to represent the top home builders, developers, solar companies, schools, businesses, the most interesting metaverse developments and cannabis companies in the country. We are attracted to successful companies, and they to us because we know our role – to use the law and our creativity to help them achieve even greater success. We are a team motivated to make our client’s team even better. We are a team energized by quick and positive resolution to complicated problems.

Rose Law Group pc can also serve a “one-stop-shop” that can take your development project –whether it be a solar generating facility, an expansion of your existing business location or a master planned community – from acquisition and due diligence through entitlements and regulatory approvals and on through to building permits. Our staff of attorneys, planners and construction project managers is unique in the state. Our planning department focuses on helping clients process plans and applications through municipal, county and state regulatory agencies, and we have the skills to coordinate with your consultant team, conduct plan checks and catch errors, saving you time and money.

Rose Law Group is the first full service law firm with an office in the metaverse, serving metaverse-based businesses. We are the first law firm to add a team of coders, architects and blockchain developers, so we are a one-stop-shop for metaverse business. From due diligence on land or business purchases, to drafting and implementing smart contracts, to auditing digital assets, advising on security, to designing and building structures, games or other showcases, to NFT design and auction implementation, and more. We also offer event design and hosting on the well-situated land we own in Decentraland. 

We will never treat our clients as an afterthought. Your calls or emails are returned within 4 hours, day or night, and you will never need to ask your Rose Law Group pc team members what is happening in your case. We take worrying for our clients seriously, and when you hire our team, you can stop worrying – because we start. We are what a Law Firm should be in a time where immediate responsiveness has taken on a 24/7 meaning. We love what we do and do it with a passion.

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