Child support formula changes in Nevada, impacting thousands; RLG family attorney Audra Petrolle comments

It all comes down to the factor of money

By Lauren Clark | KSNV TV

There’s a new formula that could benefit or hurt you if you’re a mom or dad receiving child support for new cases across the state.

DJ Clark is a single mom with two kids. Like hundreds of others, she relies on child support payments to make ends meet. 

“I’m struggling every month just to make it,” she said. “And a few hundred dollars is the difference between getting food or getting clothes for my kid.”

But now, there’s been a major change that will impact thousands in our state. The Nevada Legislature approved the child support changes for 2020, moving from the state’s calculation model of a straight percentage, to a tiered percentage.

Support will now be broken into three groups:


“I am not sure that there is a one size fits all formula out there but if the paying parent’s expenses are rising, likely so are the receiving parent’s expenses. The only difference is that,  often times, the parent receiving the child support generally has the children in his or her care more days out of the week than the other party.”

~ Audra Petrolle