Adam Trenk, partner and real estate attorney at Rose Law Group, talks property law with WTSMTV

Rose Law Group partner and real estate attorney Adam Trenk visits “The Mortgage Hour” on WTSMTV for an informative discussion with host Cindy Hallas (CMG Financial) on a wide range of real estate law topics.

Get answers to: What is a real estate attorney? How do zoning laws impact what you can do with your home? What’s the difference between a deed and a deed of trust? What is “title vesting” and when does it common into play? What are the advantages of putting property into an LLC? What’s behind the ever-growing length of home purchase contracts?

When do you need a real estate attorney? “If you think you need a lawyer, or you think you might, you probably already do,” says Trenk, adding that the longer a situation goes on without consulting an attorney, “the more these things can get out of hand. And then, by the time you bring the lawyer in, your problem is much larger and the amount of money you have to spend on the lawyer might be exponentially higher.”

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