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By Lisa Corneu | Arizona Horse Connection

“Work Ethic is a personal set of values and principles and beliefs that influence how individuals behave and make decisions in their professional lives.”

Adam Trenk acquired his “work ethic” from his men-tor, horseman and trainer, Zane Davis. As a teenager, Trenk experienced the cowboy lifestyle while spending several summers as Davis’ apprentice across Montana and Idaho. Trenk says, “Working with difficult horses as an apprentice felt like being a crash test dummy, but I credit Davis with helping me understand hard work, horsemanship, and how to confront challenges with a no-fear attitude.” Although Trenk acquired his love of horses from his father and grandfather, his training with Davis helped cement his life-long work ethic.

Trenk attributes this drive to helping him graduate from Arizona State University with a bachelors in Business and a Masters in Real Estate Development before going to law school. During this busy time, Trenk felt a responsibility to give back to his com-munity, so he also held a seat on the Cave Creek City Council.

With that experience, he started his profession with a focus on dispute resolution and real property law.

In 2010, Trenk began his law career with Rose Law Group. He began dealing primarily with land use issues and helped implement Arizona’s medical marijuana program. But ultimately, his s passion for horses and desire to help those in the equine and agriculture industries resulted in his transitioning into equine law. He is the founder and director of the equine law division of Rose Law Group which has become the largest of its kind in Arizona. In addition, Trenk is a member of the bar in Kentucky and Oklahoma, giving him more national exposure and experience.

Complexities Of Equine Law In Arizona

Trenk states, “Horses are a big deal in Arizona. They are a billion-dollar industry in the State, and the majority of people will likely need an attorney at some point in their lives.” Most of us who own or work around horses realize it’s a responsibility and that there is inherent risk; its only a matter of time before you realize these things are legal matters. Some might feel hiring an attorney is inconvenient and costly but laws are complicated and mistakes can be stressful and even more costly. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Trenk is an advocate for being proactive; whether you are an equine professional or a backyard owner, working around horses takes knowledge and understanding of the laws involved. Hiring an expert like Trenk can help you properly navigate the complexities of the equine industry and conform with the law which can help you navigate around potential disputes, especially if proper contracts and forms are implemented.

Trenk explains, “The simple process of purchasing a horse requires an understanding of what needs to be documented. Ari-zona, unlike some states, does not require a livestock field inspection (known by some as a brand inspection), when a horse is bought, sold or shipped. Many people feel registration papers will serve as legal title, but according to Trenk, “Laws governing the transfer of livestock vary, and courts in several states have ruled registration papers do not prove ownership.” He goes on to say, ” If you plan on purchasing a horse, no matter if you are a first time buyer or seasoned veteran, you should be aware of what documentation is needed as evidence of legal title.” Trenk advises that a Bill of Sale should be secured by every buyer when ownership is transferred. Having such a document will protect you from potential disputes by defining the warranties and representations of the seller, and it can even help with obtaining breed registration in the event you are unable to secure a registry transfer form. Trenk can help you assemble a Bill of Sale, Liability Waiver, or other forms that prove to be invaluable.

Trenk offers legal assistance for a variety of transactions in the equine industry and is available to help enthusiasts of any discipline or breed. Whether you ride western, English, are establishing an equine business, making property improvements (zoning), finding a trainer, transferring ownership, boarding, offering a horse lease, partnership, or syndication, he can help. His valuable expertise serves as a good preventative measure to protect you and your horse. In the unfortunate event you are not able to take a proactive approach and find yourself in a dispute, Trenk can assist with feed liens, contract disputes and defend horse owners from personal injury or other tort claims.

Insight Into Aviation Law

In addition to his other legal duties, Trenk has been working in aviation law since 2014 and chairs the Aviation Law team at Rose Law Group. Some equestrians might only understand aviation from the aspect of booking a flight to attend a horse show or weekend clinic, but to Trenk, aviation means so such more.

Trenk reflects with fondness, “My grandfather was an aviation entrepreneur.”

Adam Trenk is well versed in matters relating to the management and commercial deployment of airplanes, helicopters and drones, including working through layers of Federal, State and local regulations. He can help with a variety of legal needs for the Arizona aviation sector. Whether it’s establishing a Part 135 certificate or negotiating the purchase and sale of aircraft, he is the guy. Trenk stated, “My family has been involved in different aspects of aviation and in the FBO business for my entire life.” He went on to explain, “FBO is a fixed-based operator which means you provide fuel, take off and landing areas, and even hangar storage.”

Advancing The Product Line Of Genuine Billy Cook

In addition to Trenk’s distinguished law career, he is an accomplished horseman, and he grew up using Billy Cook saddles.

In late 2019, Trenk learned about the passing of Billy Cook. He realized the saddle product line he grew up using, and felt nostalgic about, was in danger of becoming a relic of the past. Sadly, the company, which was established in 1953, and had become an internationally recognized brand, was struggling and was getting ready to close its doors.

Using his business acumen, work ethic and no-fear attitude, Trenk says, “I made ‘a leap of faith, and I acquired Billy Cook Harness & Saddle Manufacturing in December 2019.” The entire acquisition process took place sight unseen before Trenk had the opportunity to tour the famed facility in Sulphur, Oklahoma.

Trenk was so confident in the quality handmade saddles which his father and the rest of his family had ridden for years, that he took the leap. Today, equestrians all over can be thankful for his call to action, because without him, the Billy Cook brand would cease to exist, and the more than twenty artisans who craft the fine products in Billy Cook’s tradition would have been out of work.

Since taking the helm four years ago, Trenk has been working on advancing the Billy Cook product line. He continues to expand his market reach to include a younger equestrian demographic as well as individuals outside the equine industry who value quality leather products. The Billy Cook brand now has a new logo and an exciting, comfortable and stylish line of branded apparel which includes hats, shirts, hoodies, belts, wallets and handbags.

The one-of-a-kind handbag known as a “Billy Bag” together with the belts and wallets are available online, or can be built to order. According to Trenk, “2022 was the best year the company has ever had,” At the January 2023 WESA trade show in Dallas, Texas, which Trenk indicates went exceptionally well, the new product line was well received. It seems he’s on the right path to advancing the company. Genuine Billy Cook continues to offer saddles, which was the line’s original flagship item using the finest materials and built for horsemen. The brand is an icon of affordable quality craftsmanship and functionality, and all of its products are handmade in Sulphur, Oklahoma.

Horses And More

Finally, once all the dust from his other responsibilities settles, you’ll find Trenk at home with his family. He, his partner and h their young son enjoy relaxing on his small Arizona horse ranch, e playing with the ponies. On weekends, he escapes the stress of his busy schedule by enjoying a trail ride or exercising his colts d in the pen.

Trenk is a lifelong horseman, and he takes that passion seriously. He almost always has a young horse or two in the works, and he has a couple of old geldings he says he will keep for the rest of their lives. He likes making a good horse and is currently endeavoring to learn the equestrian art of working equitation.

All of this is to say that regardless of your professional or personal pursuits, you may benefit from seeking Trenk’s counsel.

Though horses are his personal passion, he has the ability to assist you with accomplishing your objectives, protecting your interests, adding value to your overall vision in any industry and. all the while falling back on his skill set and work ethic.

If you would like more information or to obtain legal assistance from Adam Trenk, Esq, he can be contacted by email at or by phone at 602-402.3335