Adam Trenk, Rose Law Group partner, director of Equine Law, looks forward to the Arabian Breeder Finals return to Scottsdale next month

By Experience AZ | AZ Big Media

The Arabian Horse Association of Arizona is excited to announce the return of the Arabian National Breeder Finals at WestWorld of Scottsdale. The prestigious title show will run from Wednesday, September 15 to Saturday, September 18 to showcase the best the breed has to offer in an unparalleled venue. Inspired by the passion for the Arabian horse, the Arabian National Breeder Finals is a show that offers an exciting escape.

The focus for this year’s event will be to roll out an outstanding halter/breeding showcase that will offer prize money, prestige and opportunities for breeders and Arabian horse enthusiasts. This year’s event will also include the newly added performance classes and baby horses – the only show of its kind that offers classes for foals.


“Great to see this event return to Scottsdale, which has been an epicenter of the Arabian Horse Industry.”

Adam Trenk, Rose Law Group Partner and Director of Hemp, Cannabis and Equine Depts.