Alisse Caton

Alisse Caton is an Urban Planner who partners with developers, real estate investment groups, and homebuilders to navigate and understand land use entitlements, due diligence, and other developmental processes. After experience in the industry, through careers both in the public and private sector, Alisse has a comprehensive understanding of municipal ordinance and site compliance. Alisse’s sustainability background combined with her past experience in design creates a unique and technical understanding for complex and environmentally sensitive projects. These qualities along with her education and experience in construction project management provide for a well-rounded and dynamic individual who is eager to aid in projects from beginning to end.

Alisse has recently been involved in the design and entitlement of planned commercial and residential communities throughout the greater Phoenix area. Alisse holds a Masters of Science in Geospatial Sciences and a Bachelors of Science in Urban Planning, both from Northern Arizona University. Additionally, she is a member of the following professional organizations; American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), American Planning Association, and Arizona Planning Association.

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