All About Recreational Marijuana In Peoria, Feat. Insight From Adam Trenk, Rose Law Group Partner, Cannabis Dept. Director

By Philip Haldiman | Peoria Independent

Now that recreational marijuana is poised to become legal in Arizona, Valley cities will begin amending their ordinances to become compliant with the new law.

And Peoria is among the first to begin regulating how the new industry will look within the city.

The Peoria City Council approved an ordinance, Nov. 10, prohibiting smoking and possessing recreational marijuana on property occupied, owned, controlled or operated by the city.


Rose Law Group Partner, Cannabis Dept. Director Adam Trenk

What are the restrictions on growing?

Adults may grow up to six plants, or 12 if they have two people living on one property.

Attorney Adam Trenk, director of the Cannabis Department at the Rose Law Group, said it is likely cities and towns will regulate this. A grower may not sell marijuana. Personally cultivated plants are only for personal use. He said all sales must be by licensed dispensaries and are subject to the 16% excise tax.