Alcohol/Dram Shop Liability

Dram Shop liability occurs when a licensed establishment or vendors’ violation of applicable liquor laws causes harm to a third party or even the over-served patron. Liability can occur for harm done on or off the premises and to the over-served patron or a third party.

Dram shop claims commonly occur in the context of drivers impaired by alcohol consumed at the establishment or venue subsequently injuring or killing themselves or third parties. However, claims can also occur when intoxicated patrons or customers engage, for example, in a physical altercation with others or fall and injure themselves as a result of their alleged service by the establishment or venue. Bars and restaurants aren’t the only establishments subject to these claims – sporting venues, concert halls, airlines, golf courses, cruise ships, and any establishment, vendor, or entity that is licensed to sell or serve alcohol has potential exposure. Dram shop claims can become even more complex when plaintiffs allege that multiple establishments or venues were involved in the over service or sale of alcohol to the intoxicated individual(s).

On top of that, Arizona has recently seen dramatic changes in its dram shop laws that have a monumental impact on liquor service and liability. Our attorneys understand that the best defense to these claims is to help clients prevent them from occurring in the first place. We stay closely informed and well-educated on dram shop laws and changes so we can advise our clients on what systems, policies, and issues they should consider to help avoid these claims all together. However, if our clients do find themselves facing a claim, our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in dram shop liability claims. We understand that strategic discovery tactics are critical to successfully defending against these claims. Our attorneys’ diverse experiences, backgrounds, and understanding of alcohol sales and service give us a unique and strategic edge in representing our clients.

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