Privacy and Data Security

Privacy and data security issues affect businesses in all industries. In fact, any business collecting consumer personal information, payment information, employee information, or transaction information must be vigilant about privacy and data security. Not doing so has the potential to result in disaster.

With the advent of the internet and other electronic conveniences, information and data is easily exchanged. These conveniences often times benefit small and medium-sized businesses, however, they are not without their risks. Governmental organizations enforce specific standards with regards to the privacy and protection of certain types of information. Further, cyber-threats to and data breaches of small and medium-sized businesses are becoming more prevalent, leading to a large percentage of affected businesses going out of businesses within less than a year after such an attack. Given the rising frequency of cyber-attacks and data breaches, businesses should be asking the question of “when” such an attack will occur, rather than “if” it will occur. Business owners and executives are in the best position to implement policies and procedures to avoid those attacks that can be avoided and to mitigate the damage of those attacks that cannot be prevented.

We provide privacy and data security guidance tailored to your business. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessment of Current Practices and Procedures;
  • Identification of Legal Obligations Pertaining to Privacy and Data Security;
  • Guidance on Compliance with Federal and State Rules and Regulations;
  • Education on Industry Standards and Best Practices;
  • Development of Written Information Security Program;
  • Incident Response and Preparation;
  • Pre-litigation Counseling;
  • Representation in Privacy Litigation and Regulatory Investigations; and
  • Drafting of tools and instruments that can be implemented in your business, including:
    • Privacy policies and notices;
    • Vendor agreements to include clauses addressing data security;
    • Cyber Incident Response Plans;
    • Data retention policies; and
    • Breach Notifications.

Recently the Ponemon Institute studied the cost of data breaches, determining the U.S. cost was $7.3 Million. The study was sponsored by IBM Security. To access the cost calculator and information click here.

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