Arizona judge rules on medical cannabis extracts; Laura Bianchi, Rose Law Group Partner and Director of Medical Cannabis, comments on ‘Phoenix New Times’ story

By Ray Stern | Phoenix New Times

A Navajo County judge now agrees that Arizona medical-marijuana patients can legally possess cannabis products containing extracted resin, causing prosecutors to drop a felony narcotics charge against a Prescott man.

The March 6 ruling by Superior Court Judge Dale Nielson avoids a legal showdown in Arizona higher courts over the case that could have led to the banning of popular dispensary products like shatter, oil for vape cartridges, and THC-infused food and drinks.


“As evidenced by this article, we must continue to provide accurate facts and information regarding the use and consumption of medical marijuana, as well as the need for various methods of consumption. Opponents continue to paint medical marijuana patients in a negative light, rather than viewing them as individuals simply searching for relief and/or freedom from serious and debilitating medical conditions.  This is not about the use of flower versus extracts, it is about the need to offer Arizona patients options that treat multiple medical conditions with various methods for consumption, as the efficacy, responses and success of treatment varies from person to person and is based on numerous factors.

Traditional pharmaceutical companies clearly understand the need for options, as they spend billions developing new medications to treat various ailments and diseases for which there are already numerous medications and treatment options available in the market. Our program allows medical marijuana to be used for its medicinal benefits and adjunct therapeutic effects, there is no “one-size fits all”. This remains an issue of patients’ rights versus those who simply have a negative opinion about medical marijuana in general. I commend Judge Nielsen for taking such a thorough and in-depth approach when reviewing and deciding this case.”

~Laura Bianchi