Arizona Mayors Await Next Move In Short-Term Rental Skirmish; Jordan Rose, Founder And President Of Rose Law Group, Talks To The Independent About Legalities Involved

By Melissa Rosequist | Paradise Valley Independent

Days have gone by since more than 30 Arizona mayors signed a letter urging short-term rental platform CEOs to end lobbying efforts against legislation change — a move that gained no more than crickets in response.

Paradise Valley Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner, one of 33 officials to sign on to the cause, says the fight for meaningful reform when it comes to short-term rentals will continue until change occurs.


Rose Law Group founder and president Jordan Rose says Arizona’s legislation for short-term rentals is being looked at by other states.

“SB1350 prohibits cities, towns, and counties from passing laws that restrict or prohibit the use of short-term rentals. Arizona is a bit of a unicorn in this comprehensive restriction as most states allow local governments to regulate short-term rentals through permit processes or minimum day standards. Many states are looking at Arizona-like laws in their current legislative sessions,” Ms. Rose said.

“Arizona mayors addressed concerns with noise, affordable housing, criminal activity, and partying at short-term rentals in their recent letter to Airbnb and VRBO. The cities can still pass ordinances relating to the concerns of their residents, like noise and property maintenance laws, so long as the ordinances apply to all residential homes, not just short-term rentals,” Ms. Rose says.