Arizona Supreme Court agrees to review legality of medical-marijuana extracts; ‘hopeful’ sign, says Laura Bianchi, Rose Law Group partner and director of Cannabis Department

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By Ray Stern | Phoenix New Times

The Arizona Supreme Court will review the legality of medical-marijuana concentrates in the state, the court decided on Tuesday, giving a boost of hope to patients and industry advocates.

“It’s definitely good news,” said Jared Keenan, a criminal justice staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union. “We’re hoping they overturn the opinion of the lower court, obviously, and protect patients.”

The medical-marijuana community has been on edge over the issue since June, when the state court of appeals ruled 2-1 that THC-bearing resin from marijuana plants, and the products that contain it, were not protected by the 2010 Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.


“We are very pleased the Arizona Supreme Court granted the Petition to Review the Jones case and we remain hopeful they will overturn the lower court’s opinion and protect our patients.”

~Laura Bianchi