BeyondTrust names the 5 deadly sins related to why data breaches occur, and how to fix it; Lauren Reynolds, Rose Law Group litigator focusing on cybersecurity, stresses increased ‘oversight’

By Hayley Ringle | Phoenix Business Journal

With so many data breaches originating from the abuse or misuse of privileged credentials, Phoenix-based cybersecurity software provider BeyondTrust Software Inc. has identified the five deadly sins of privileged access management.

After surveying nearly 500 IT professionals from around the world during May and June with involvement in privileged access management, BeyondTrust wanted to understand why IT organizations still struggle with this, said Morey Haber, BeyondTrust’s vice president of technology.

“We wanted to understand the market and see the trends,” Haber said. “Organizations know they need to protect admin rights, but we know many don’t do it.”


“With the Equifax data breach, privacy and data security are on the minds of business owners.  With a business, privacy and data security really boils down to implementing new systems and taking unnecessary control from those at most risk of causing a data breach: employees. According to experts, businesses should be implementing more oversight with regards to passwords, admin capabilities, updates and patches to systems, access to those systems, and knowledge of the risks.  Not implementing even one of these exposes a business to serious risks.”

~Lauren Reynolds