Biden AI executive order a ‘big win’ for client, says Darius Amiri, chair of Rose Law Group’s immigration law department

By Darius Amiri, Rose Law Group Chair of Immigration Dept.

In the last quarter of 2023, the Biden Administration announced an executive order (EO) aimed at having transformative effect on the technology, labor, and immigration sectors of the U.S. economy.

Among many of the orders stated goals was to streamline the approval of immigrant and non-immigrant visa applications for foreign born, high skilled workers in the AI industry.

The intent of the executive order was signal the importance of supporting the rapid growth of a new intelligence sector that could be both an industry disruptor and also a huge boon to the economy.

Just yesterday, the Immigration Department at Rose Law Group witnessed the effects of the Executive Order in practice, as an O-1A nonimmigrant visa application for a professor in the field of mathematics with an offer for employment as a Formalization Lead/Software Engineer was approved by US Citizenship and Immigration Services in just under two weeks after filing.

As the federal government continues to prioritize the role AI will play in both the growth of the domestic economy and national security, we expect to see more applications and streamlined approvals of this sort.

The Immigration Team at Rose Law Group and our client are incredibly happy with the expediency and priority with which this case was given under the guidance provided by this EO.