Three Tips to Get a Multi-State Consumer Class Certified in California’s Federal Courts

Next time you’re presented with a potential multi-state case, consider using one or more of these strategies. By Jonathan Udell | ABA Many people think a class including consumers from multiple states all pursuing claims under California’s consumer-protection laws is not certifiable followingMazza v. American Honda Motor Company, 666 F.3d 581 (9th Cir. 2012). But that may not be true. …

Kathryn Honecker, Rose Law Group Chair of Class Action Department, co-authors chapter of upcoming ABA “Class Action Strategy & Practice Guide,” to which Rose Law Group Associates Clark Wu and Jonathan Udell also contributed

Kathryn Honecker, chair of Rose Law Group Class Action Department, co-authored the “Class Action and Discovery” chapter in the coming Class Action Strategy & Practice Guide from the American Bar Association (ABA), along with associates Jonathan Udell and Clark Wu.

Rose Law Group’s Jonathan Udell on ABA’s ‘Sound Advice’ podcast

ABA: Jonathan Udell discusses when plaintiffs in class actions can bring claims involving products that they did not purchase. In general, some courts examine the similarities between the product that the plaintiff purchased and the other products at issue, while other courts consider if the claims will be resolved identically. LISTEN HERE:

Americans with Disabilities Act wheelchair compliance in an aging nation

By Jonathan Udell | Law Clerk at Rose Law Group Just as Arizona found itself awash in a wave of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance lawsuits, the U.S. Census Bureau released some sobering news. The number of people in wheelchairs is poised to grow, and quickly. By 2020, for the first time ever, there will be more people 65-years …

What business owners need to know about American Disabilities Act compliance

  By Jonathan Udell | Law Clerk at Rose Law Group Last March, news broke that a lawyer in the Phoenix area planned to file thousands of American Disabilities Act parking lawsuits. That’s right: thousands. Sure enough, over the past 10 days, a law firm in Phoenix has brought over 200 ADA parking claims against Arizona businesses. The deluge of ADA …