Controversy over large-scale water pumping by foreign-owned farms reaches Arizona Capitol; Rose Law Group land use and water attorney Thomas Galvin testifies

Thomas Galvin

By Isaac Windes | Arizona Capitol Times

Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Fondomonte Farms.

A bill requiring the collection of data, such as the water levels of basins and the number of wells in northwestern Arizona, isn’t going anywhere at the state Capitol, but it’s having an impact anyway.

Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Fondomonte Farms.

The legislation brought to the fore a controversy over water use and conservation, laws and regulations favorable to agriculture, and a buying spree of real estate by foreign-owned companies that seek to farm on American soil.

HB2520, which was introduced by Rep. Regina Cobb, R-Kingman, would have ordered the Arizona Department of Water Resources to collect data regarding the depth and water levels of basins in the upper Colorado River water planning area, as well the number of wells and types of groundwater users there.