Court Rich, Rose Law group co-founder, Director of Renewable Energy & Utility Infrastructure, celebrates 20 years of sustainability in the legal field

By InBusiness Phoenix

Court Rich, Co-Founder of Rose Law Group pc, is celebrating twenty years since joining the firm. Under Court’s guidance, Rose Law Group has become a leading firm for renewable energy and regulatory law in the Southwest. When Court joined in 2004, the firm had just two attorneys. Today, it boasts a team of more than 60. Twenty years ago, as a young attorney, Court took a chance and left a promising law job to jump to this start up law firm where he didn’t even have an office and had to work from a shared conference room at first.

Reflecting on the firm’s growth, Court stated, “We have come a long way over the last two decades, and I am most proud of how we have dramatically increased our ability to help more and more clients solve so many different kinds of problems.”

In addition to his role as co-founder and senior partner, Court chairs Rose Law Group’s award-winning Renewable Energy and Utility Infrastructure Department. He was one of the first lawyers to focus on serving clients in the renewable energy field, guiding the firm to become the go-to for renewable energy companies in the Southwest. Court regularly represents many of the world’s largest and most well-known energy companies.

On the firm’s success in the renewable energy space Court said, “I began working in renewable energy nearly two decades ago, at a time when few people were expecting this type of growth in technologies like solar, wind, batteries, and electric vehicles. We take a lot of pride in being creative and really trying to find the next thing in the law here at Rose Law Group and getting into renewable energy law and policy early and doing good work for our first clients on really big issues has positioned us to be able to help so many energy companies along the way. I love handling big and controversial issues for clients and have been fortunate enough to get to work on almost all the largest energy issues in Arizona for nearly two decades.”