Dairy farmers and State Land work together to plan vibrant mixed-use Mesa community, Jordan Rose and dairyman Jim Boyle, Jr. talk to Phoenix Business Journal about Hawes Crossing project

Jim Boyle Jr.

Homebuilder’s eye state land for growth

By Angela Gonzales | Phoenix Business Journal

No group may have a more intimate view of the struggle to develop homes and businesses using Arizona-owned land than dairy farmer Jim Boyle Jr. and his cows.

Boyle is among a group of dairy farmers in Mesa working to transform their property into a 1,200-acre master-planned community — a process that’s taking years to accomplish.

The path isn’t getting easier. Of the 1,200 acres the farmers plan for the development, about half are state land, said Jordan Rose, zoning attorney with Rose Law Group, who is working with Boyle and the other dairy farmers to get their property and the adjacent state land rezoned.