Darius Amiri, immigration law chair at Rose Law Group, comments on Afghan interpreter for U.S. military being denied asylum

By Holden Walter-Warner | Daily Mail

An Afghan interpreter currently living in Iowa claims he is facing deportation and has lost contact with the Department of Homeland Security for giving a piece of bread to the Taliban when he was a child.

Zalmay Niazy served the U.S. military as an interpreter from 2007 to 2014 in Afghanistan before returning to the United States.

Niazy has been living in Iowa since and is seeking asylum. He was asked about previous interactions with the Taliban during an asylum interview.

‘I said, “I can’t hide that, I can’t lie about it, and yes, I did,”‘ Niazy said of the interview during comments on Tuesday on America’s Newsroom.

Niazy described the Taliban as ‘very brutal people who ‘wanted to harm us and our family.’


“U.S. asylum laws are incredibly complex and nuanced, but should be applied equitably especially in cases of those who risked their life to help our country. Hopefully this person is able to find competent legal representation or enlist the aid of his local congresspeople to overturn or appeal this unjust result.”

Darius Amiri, Rose Law Group Immigration Dept. Chair