[EDITORIAL] Pinal’s water supply

Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Copper Mountain Ranch

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Pinal Central

Decades ago investors announced plans for a major development off North Pinal Avenue called Copper Mountain Ranch. Discussions were held with the city of Casa Grande, and many thought it would represent a major growth spurt. But when growth actually did happen in many developments in the early 2000s, Copper Mountain Ranch wasn’t part of it. Now that land is back in the news in a discussion about the area’s long-term water supply.

The Arizona Department of Water Resources has notified proposers of 15 Pinal County projects, including Copper Mountain Ranch, that they may not have enough water. That notification comes under a state requirement for proof of a 100-year water supply. However, it seems quite likely that Copper Mountain eventually will develop, although the water issue is one that needs continued discussion — now and in the future.