Eduardo Dávalos, Rose Law Group Director of Metaverse Planning and Design: From Hackathon Rookie to Global Blockchain Ambassador at Ethereum Mexico 2023

By Madelaine Braggs | Rose Law Group Reporter

The cryptocurrency and blockchain universe is filled with inspiring tales, but few are as heartening and poignant as that of Eduardo Dávalos, Rose Law Group Director of Metaverse Planning and Design. His presence at Ethereum Mexico 2023 wasn’t merely that of a metaverse architect and event moderator; it was that of a living testament to how hackathons can pivot careers and change lives.

The Brilliance of Hackathons: A Fusion of Innovation and Skill

For those less familiar with the concept, a hackathon is essentially a melting pot of creativity and technical acumen. It’s a space where tech enthusiasts converge over a weekend to develop innovative projects, vying for coveted prizes. But more than just a competition, hackathons encapsulate the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of breakthroughs. What stands out in such events is not just the myriad of groundbreaking ideas presented but also the quality and expertise of the participants.

From Novice to Pro: Eduardo’s Odyssey

For the uninitiated, a hackathon is an intense technological marathon where participants craft innovative projects in a short span, usually over a weekend, competing for prizes. What makes these events special is the melding of brilliant ideas and the diverse talent that comes together.

Dávalos wasn’t always the blockchain maestro he’s recognized as today. His journey, in fact, commenced at Ethereum Mexico 2022, where, with modest expectations, he participated and, to his astonishment, emerged victorious. That win not only garnered him a prize but also kindled a spark of passion and resolve within him. Since then, Dávalos has participated and triumphed in over five hackathons. He joins Rose Law Group’s innovative team as the first lawfirm to tap into the web3 and crypto space, where he works alongside Rose Law Group founder and president Jordan Rose, Web3 Lawyer Omar Abdallah, Blockchain Developer Ouail Tayarth, and Coder Nasser Cahusac de Caux.

Traveling and Connecting Through Blockchain

This hackathon pathway whisked Eduardo on a global voyage. From the bustling cities of North and South America to the tech hubs of Europe, he’s had the opportunity to meet, learn, and collaborate. But beyond the locales, Eduardo treasures the human connections he’s forged. As he points out, these events have afforded him the chance to bond with individuals who share his fervor for blockchain, allowing him to stay updated in an industry that evolves at breakneck speed.

From Idea to Victory: Key Insights from the Panel 

The discussion, under Eduardo’s expert moderation, traversed the entire spectrum of crafting a successful hackathon project. It commenced with the critical phase of ideation – the birth and validation of a novel concept. As the panelists illuminated, validating an idea’s feasibility and potential impact is paramount before any development begins.

Following this, the dialogue delved into the intricacies of prototype creation. Here, the emphasis was on how teams could strategize, anticipate, and navigate potential roadblocks that might arise during the development phase.

But, as every hackathon participant knows, a brilliant project demands an equally compelling pitch. The final segment of the panel was dedicated to this art. Attendees were enlightened on crafting a persuasive pitch – one that not only showcases the project’s merit but also resonates with the target audience’s needs and aspirations.

Metaverse Architect

Dávalos’ stint at Ethereum Mexico 2023 stands as a reminder that with passion, dedication, and a continuous learning mindset, boundaries can be stretched and goals, however distant, can be attained. In this ever-shifting world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the Metaverse Architect says he’s excited to help build the next phase of our digital world.