First U.S. medicinal marijuana kitchen to open in Tempe; Rose Law Group Partner & Medical Cannabis Director, Laura Bianchi buoyed by the ‘innovation’

Courtesy: The Mint Dispensary / Fox 10


Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents The Mint Dispensary

Fox 10

The Mint Dispensary is taking “edibles” to the next level, and launching the country’s first full-service cannabis kitchen in Tempe this October.

Arizona residents that possess a medical marijuana card can now enjoy a hot meal that also contains THC.

For decades, pre-packaged food and snacks have been available at dispensaries, but the Mint Dispensary is now revolutionizing the edible experience.

Now, you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner all infused with cannabis and prepared by classically-trained and cancer survivor Chef Carylann Principal. And don’t worry, there will be plenty of munchies, or snacks, too.


“It’s a delight to see Arizona’s medical marijuana industry advance and expand in such innovative ways.”

~Laura Bianchi