In southeastern Arizona, farms drill a half-mile deep while families pay the price

Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Fondomonte

By Ian James, and Rob O’Dell | Arizona Republic

Richard Wilson was in his kitchen making coffee and getting ready for work one July morning when he heard his wife, Julie, call out from the shower. 

She had just finished rinsing off when the water stopped. 

“I started hollering for him: ‘We ain’t got no water! What’s wrong with the water?’” she said. “I didn’t know what was going on.”   

He went to the sink and turned on the faucets. Nothing came out.   

He went outside their home in Cochise, where pine trees tower above their lawn, and frantically flipped the switches on their pump. It started briefly, then cut out again.

Unable to get water for days, they started to haul it in buckets from their restaurant in nearby Sunsites.