Is cannabis ever OK in the office? Check handbook, says Adam Trenk, Rose Law Group partner, director of cannabis and hemp departments

By Charisse Jones | USA TODAY

From makeup and oils to capsules for stress relief, cannabis-based goods are flowing into the marketplace. But while they may not get you high, they can still cause you problems at work. 

Cannabidiol or CBD has been showing up in a widening array of goods. That’s because federal legislation in 2018 deemed that hemp – one of its sources – was not an illegal controlled substance. 

But your job could be in jeopardy if one of those products, which are largely unregulated, contains THC, the same compound that causes marijuana users to get high. 

Employers are now grappling with CBD use by their employees, while also dealing with the rising legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in states across the country.


Handling  CBD use in the work place is a sensitive matter. If you are looking to put forth thoughtful and legal parameters for acceptable use within your business you need to ensure your employee handbook is updated accordingly. 

~ Adam Trenk