Judge And Businesswoman File Suit To Undo 208

Ann Siner, My Sister’s Closet CEO (above).
(Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents the plaintiffs in this case.)

By Rose Law Group Staff Reporter

On Monday at 11 a.m. the 2020 November election was officially canvassed and the Governor proclaimed that Proposition 208 will become law. Small businesswoman, Ann Siner, who in 1991 founded and has grown My Sister’s Closet into 14 locations, and retired Superior Court and Federal Magistrate Court Judge, John Buttrick, are preparing to file a lawsuit to overturn the law on the basis of three claims.

Rose Law Group Founder and President Jordan Rose (left) and Regulatory Attorney Thomas Galvin (right).

Ms. Siner has great concerns about the negative affects this increased tax on small business owners will have on the State of Arizona. “Business owners are struggling to stay afloat in Arizona and Proposition 208 threatens to drive them, and the jobs they provide, out of Arizona. We need to find legal ways to fund education that don’t damage Arizona’s economy. The best way to get more money for schools is to create more taxpayers, not fewer.” She also has grave concerns about the charitable organizations which she says will greatly suffer if business owners and philanthropists move out of Arizona as a result of the tax. Ms. Siner herself has a long history of supporting numerous charitable organizations – with a specific focus on animals.

Judge Buttrick joins Ms. Siner in the litigation with a belief that the tax is not legal. Judge Buttrick said, “The Arizona Constitution says taxing and spending is the responsibility of our elected Arizona Legislature. These are individuals who can be held accountable by voters. Proposition 208 gives taxing and spending authority to bureaucrats with no accountability. It violates the rights of every Arizona taxpayer.”

Rose Law Group, Partner and litigator, Logan Elia, says, “This lawsuit represents a defense of Arizona’s Constitution and economy. Both are jeopardized by 208. There are better ways to fund education and it is up to our elected leaders to make the tough decisions. You can’t vote bureaucrats out of office and they are the ones who would control the funds that come from 208. The answer to this problem is electing leaders willing to do the right thing. The answer is NOT illegal shortcuts that upend the Arizona Constitution.”

Ms. Siner says “I am grateful for the outpouring of support since I announced my involvement in this important effort. I have received so many calls and emails thanking me for trying to do the right thing and I am so appreciative. While I am donating to the funding of this effort and Rose Law Group is matching any donations received, people who want to help support a robust litigation can donate to the trust fund set to continue to pay for the efforts at https://secure.lawpay.com/pages/roselawgroup/trust. (note “208” on the subject line). I think we owe it to the future of Arizona to fight this in court. ”