Laura Bianchi talks to The Kush Chronicle about being a lawyer, cannabis advocate and leader

By Mr. Green Thumb | The Kush Chronicle

Laura Bianchi is a Partner with the Rose Law Group and Director of Cannabis practice. A multi-faceted, passionate and hardworking individual, Laura aims to promote the legalization of cannabis while educating consumers about the health and economic benefits. I had the pleasure of discussing some key topics in the current cannabis debate. Primarily, I wanted to learn from her perspective on issues concerning cannabis banking, taxation and diversity in the workforce. 

On Cannabis Banking. . .

Richard: Given the federally illegal status of cannabis, do you believe it will be left to states to take a stand and set up access to financial institutions?

Laura: Until the necessary actions are taken to fully legalize cannabis from a federal perspective, states will continue to bear the burden of addressing and responding to the industry’s banking and financial service hurdles and complications.

Richard: In what ways would streamlining access to banks aid in the development of cannabis businesses? (e.g., growth of market and innovation decrease in black market activity, etc.)

Laura: Forcing cannabis-based businesses to operate with limited access to traditional financial services has created an incredible amount of additional costs, expenses, and burdens on the industry. By alleviating these issues and providing access to the same services that every other industry enjoys, the cannabusinesses will see greater transparency, certainty, security, and efficiency. This is beneficial to not only cannabis businesses and operators, but to the communities in which they operate and live.