Love It or List It? Q&A with Chair of Rose Law Group Family Law Department, Kaine Fisher

Q&A with Kaine Fisher, director of Rose Law Group Family Law Department | Arizona Foothills magazine

Q: “My husband has filed for divorce. We have a beautiful home in Paradise Valley and I raised our three teenage children in that house. Will I be forced to sell it?”

I find myself interestingly drawn to the somewhat staged dilemma portrayed by the popular HGTV home design television show Love It or List It.   Each episode depicts a family or couple presented with the option of either renovating their existing home (and continue living there) or purchasing a new home. Usually it seems pretty clear one spouse wants to stay and the other wants to move. The home designer is pitted against the realtor and each does whatever they can to convince the couple to either “love it or list it.” The couple provides the home designer with a list of “must haves” for redesigning their current home while the realtor tries to achieve the same by satisfying the couple’s “must haves” with respect to a new home. Almost without fail, the couple harmoniously agrees on a decision at the end and they live happily ever after. Unfortunately, such is not typically the case in divorce.

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