Maricopa and Apex on track

Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Apex Motor Club


In light of the recent court filings against planned, private racetrack Apex Motor Club, and the City of Maricopa, representatives from Apex say that they are not swayed in the least and will take the appropriate legal actions to ensure success of the project.

“The one thing we’re confident of is our support from  the City,” said Matt Williams, vice president and managing partner of Apex.  “And we’re 100 percent committed to seeing this through.”

Scott Turkington, vice president and development partner,  also said, “Apex has been the beneficiary of overwhelming support from the residents of the City of Maricopa. Like us, they realize the numerous benefits Apex will contribute to the City’s continued economic growth and uniqueness. Have no doubt, we remain committed to making Apex a reality in Maricopa.”