Maricopa Dairy-To-Housing Conversion May Create Roundabout, Rose Law Group Founder And President Jordan Rose Comments

Rural land that is now Anglin Dairy is in the early stages of a concept to convert to housing. The impact on traffic on SR 238 is being explored. | Via InMaricopa

By Raquel Hendrickson | In Maricopa

It’s early days, but the long-range impact of a master-planned community on the westside of town could be a roundabout leading to an overpass.

Green Road has long been an important corridor in transportation planning, though it does not look like much now. The dirt road, which is mostly unimproved, runs from the northern boundary of Maricopa south across State Route 238 and down to Garvey Avenue at the railroad tracks. South of the tracks, it runs from Madison Avenue down to McDavid and then down the westside of Maricopa Meadows.

Along the way, Green’s northernmost stretch borders the current Anglin Dairy. Owners of that property wish to turn the low-density agricultural land into a community of single-family and multi-family housing, with a mixed-use portion at the northwest corner of SR 238 and Green Road.


Jordan Rose, President and Founder of Rose Law Group has been involved in zoning land in the City of Maricopa since the City incorporated in 2003. She says, “The City of Maricopa is taking an innovative approach to their traffic calming measures.  The City was created innovatively and just continues to put an emphasis on creative out of the box solutions.  From the beginning Maricopa has had this sort of spirit.”