Nasser Cahusac de Caux

Nasser has a varied background in Engineering Product Design, Architectural Visualisation, and Game Development. He’s always eager to jump into and explore new avenues of creativity and design. He is currently working as a 3D artist in the digital art space and involved in creating virtual worlds in the burgeoning metaverse.

Nasser provides the following set of skills and expertise:

• 3D modelling, texturing, rigging, animation primarily in Blender

• Intermediate programming skills with Typescript, primarily used with Decentraland SDK

• Creating virtual worlds in Decentraland using a combination of 3D modelling and programming skills

• Experience with Photoshop and Illustrator

• Experience with illustration, traditional and digital art

Click here to view his design portfolio.


*Nasser is employed by Summit Land Management, a Rose Law Group related company, and contracted with Rose Law Group.


Examples of Work

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