No TEP-id response to proposed Arizona solar rate changes; Rose Law Group Senior Partner Court Rich speaks opposition to changes

Court Rich

By Frank Andorka | pv magazine

A packed house at the Arizona Corporation Commission indicated intense public interest in proposed rate changes that critics say punish solar customers but which Tucson Electric Power says are necessary so they can invest more in solar.

Arizona Corporation CommissionThe hearing room at the Arizona Corporation Commission’s meeting to discuss Tucson Electric Power’s latest rate proposal was so packed people had to stand against the wall and line the back of the room, an informal measure of the public’s intense interest in the debate.

When Tucson Electric Power (TEP) proposed its new pricing plans for users of private solar distributed generation (DG) systems, it’s doubtful they expected overwhelming public response. After all, rate design and implementation isn’t typically something most people try to understand. They just pay their electric bills every month and move through their days glad the air conditioning turns on and the lights are powered as twilight descends on the Arizona desert.