[OPINION] Scottsdale will lose if SouthBridge 2 petition sees success

Sandy Schenkat

Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Spring Creek Development

By Sandy Schenkat | Scottsdale Independent

A few weeks ago the Scottsdale Independent published my opinion related to social media menaces and Bob Littlefield who was getting into the fray regarding SouthBridge 2.

(Editor’s note: Opinion pieces are published for discussion purposes only) 

Yesterday his wife, Councilwoman Kathy Littlefield, send out a newsletter to her supporters or previous supporters asking them to sign the petition to halt SouthBridge 2.

It is my opinion that Kathy Littlefield, in her position as councilwoman, is irresponsible and unethical in supporting this petition drive. Any political leader who campaigns against their own governing body is suspect to me.

Her husband, previous council member and candidate for mayor, has a Facebook page called Keep Scottsdale Special. His intentions appear to be anything but keeping Scottsdale special. He is behind this action of a few trying to take down SouthBridge2 and he has helped fuel the fires of this anti-SouthBridge 2 PAC.