[OPINION] SouthBridge 2 overturn is nonsensical approach

Renderings of Southbridge II, a planned 2 million-square-foot mixed-use development along the Arizona Canal in Old Town Scottsdale. / Rendering courtesy Spring Creek Development

Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Spring Creek Development

By Kevin Maxwell | Scottsdale Independent

Kevin Maxwell

Oh poppycock! That is something that my grandfather used to say all the time.

Oh, poppycock he would say when he heard something so ludicrous it was farcical.

My father would say it from time to time as well. But not nearly as often as my grandfather. I have never uttered the word poppycock. It is a term which seems to be primary used by an older generation.

There is a small group of residents who are gathering together to try to derail the decision to allow the development of SouthBridge 2. One of the arguments against the project is that SouthBridge 2 will drive away tourism.

They suggest that a new development will hurt the character of that small area of Old Town that lies in the vicinity of the canal. It appears to me that this fear of change and redevelopment is an old way of thinking.