[OPINION] Southbridge referendum could splinter city into opposing citizen factions

Andrea Alley

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Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Spring Creek Development

By Andrea Alley | Scottsdale Independent

Scottsdale has reached a fork in the road that leads to two very different futures for our urban core.

Sadly, neither of these options is what is being disclosed by those behind the referendum against Southbridge II. If you believe their pitch that your signature will “Save Old Town Scottsdale” — then what will eventually happen along 5th Avenue will ultimately shock you.

The referendum claims that Southbridge II will turn Old Town into Anytown, USA. To help illustrate why this is wrong, here’s a comparison using one element of this 10-acre project — the hotel. The brands used are for example only.

There is an enormous difference between a 6-story Aloft Hotel and a 12-story 1 Hotel.