Opinion: SouthBridge Two is just what downtown Scottsdale needs

Jim Derouin

Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Spring Creek Development

Don’t be fooled by the stuff you hear

By Jim Derouin, Scottsdale resident | Scottsdale Independent

(Editor’s note: Opinion pieces are published for discussion purposes only)

There are some in the community who would have you believe that downtown Scottsdale is perfect, that there are no derelict buildings chained off from use and that it is a bustling place for business.

Unfortunately, that is completely untrue. Although downtown Scottsdale has seen a significant resurgence over the last 10 years, there are entire areas that are run down where merchants cannot “make do,” where tenant turnover is high and where rejuvenation is needed because foot traffic is inadequate to support small businesses.

Fred Unger was an icon in Scottsdale who made silk purses out of sows’ ears.

He redeveloped the Royal Palms Resort and Hermosa Inn in Phoenix to, once again, be spectacular. He worked his magic in Scottsdale with the Southbridge One project  which connects shoppers from Fashion Square and the Waterfront to Old Town where they work, shop and eat.