[OPINION] Unwarranted referendum for Southbridge II will be a costly, year-long delay for needed redevelopment

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane. / Photo Arianna Grainey / Scottsdale Independent

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Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Spring Creek Development

By Jim Lane | Scottsdale Independent

A number of Scottsdale citizens have asked me about the Southbridge II redevelopment project that is now the subject of a referendum.

This referendum seeks to reverse the council’s approval of Southbridge II. This redevelopment project is part a long-time planned revitalization of Old Town’s underdeveloped canal’s southside adjacent to the north side of Fifth Avenue, and between Fifth Avenue and Stetson out to Scottsdale Road.

The preponderance of this area of Scottsdale’s Old Town has changed little since it was built in the 50s and 60s. The need and desire for revitalization has been understood for some years.