[OPINION] Volkmer & Lamb: Speaking in favor of Props 416, 417

Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents a coalition of property and business owners throughout Pinal County working to bring new transportation infrastructure to the county

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By Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer and Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb | InMaricopa

Pinal County is a great place to live and work, but the challenges created by our current roads and freeways not only make commuters late for dinner, these problems also make our county less safe.

Propositions 416 and 417 would create $640 million worth of new roads and freeways in Pinal County. In addition to solving current and future traffic problems all over Pinal County, this project will also help reduce response times for sheriff’s deputies, firefighters, police officers and ambulances.

Minutes matter for first responders. Lives are put in danger when an ambulance driver is stuck in traffic. Public safety is threatened when a sheriff’s deputy is delayed in getting to a call for help. Lives and property are in harm’s way when firefighters have to contend with traffic jams.