As opioid crisis escalates, Scottsdale latest city to zero in on sober living homes; Rose Law Group litigator Evan Bolick comments on increasing municipal scrutiny

By Joseph Flaherty | Phoenix New Times

In one of the cascading effects from Arizona’s opioid crisis, sober-living homes are under the magnifying glass.

These homes allow people recovering from addiction to live together in a supportive residential setting. But sober-living homes are pretty much unregulated, and residents can be vulnerable to exploitation.


“As more group home investors enter the market, cities and towns are coming under increasing pressure to accommodate the needs of the facilities and, particularly, residential neighbors. One avenue municipalities would be wise to explore is adopting a cap on the number of people that may reside in a home on a square footage basis. Such restrictions have typically not run afoul of fair housing act requirements.”

~Evan Bolick