Andrew Lorentzen

Andrew is a planner working alongside the project management team. He graduated from Arizona State University in 2017, majoring in Urban Planning with a minor in sustainability. Prior to graduating, Andrew managed an auction house that specialized in fine art, antique firearms, and other antiques and collectibles. A passionate fisherman, Andrew can often be found on the water with his family pursuing his next big catch.

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Corporation Commission slashes APS’ profits, ‘unthinkable’ a few years ago says Court Rich, Rose Law Group co-founder, senior partner, & director renewable energy and regulatory law departments

The APS Red Rock Solar Facility By Ryan Randazzo | Arizona Republic Utility regulators approved a substantial reduction in Arizona Public Service Co.’s profitability on Wednesday, but delayed decisions on two other major elements of the utility’s latest request to raise rates. The cut in the APS “return on equity,” the profit the regulated utility is allowed to earn, and other

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Rose Law Group attorney Dan Gauthier on why the case for investment in Opportunity Zones is stronger than ever

By Carlos Jose Rodriguez Sr | Forbes The opportunity clock is ticking. As a critical deadline in the qualified opportunity zone program approaches on December 31, 2021, investors are finding the potential tax benefits of the program increasingly attractive — in no small part because capital gains tax rates are almost certain to go up in the weeks ahead. Just

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Succession: Next Up? Presented by Shruti Gurudanti, Rose Law Group Chair of Corporate Transactions

By Madelaine Braggs | Rose Law Group Reporter Having a worse case scenario plan can make all the difference for a business’ long-term success. That was the featured topic at this week’s ‘World’s Best Connectors‘ round table, presented by Shruti Gurudanti, Corporate Transaction Chair at Rose Law Group. Gurudanti says due to covid, 31.3% of small businesses in Arizona closed down and many

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