Phoenix okays Mattamy Homes plan for Camelback Ranch master community

Rose Law Group Reporter staff

(Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Mattamy Homes.)

The Phoenix City Council on Wednesday voted 7-0 to change the General Plan and 6-1 to change the zoning to permit Mattamy Homes to move forward and develop its Camelback Ranch, 199-lot master-planned community.

This site is approximately 66 acres adjacent to the Camelback Ranch spring training facility, the Glendale Airport and Camelback Road and 107th Ave. The property will be developed with a mix of 45 x 130, 55 x 130, and 11 20,000 square-foot lots.

Originally, there was unanimous opposition to the development from Glendale, the airport, the village planning committee, neighbors to the east, and the Orioles and White Socks major league baseball teams.

During months of discussions and negotiations, Mattamy worked with all of these factions to try to gain consensus. At Wednesday’s council hearing, all the former opponents of the plan, with the exception of neighbors to the east, who live on 35,000 square-foot lots.

Mattamy homes said it is pleased the development will be part of building a regionally significant roadway called Ball Park Boulevard, which will run from Camelback Road north to Maryland. There is no access to the north and this should alleviate traffic on Camelback Road. This regional improvement is seen as a benefit to Phoenix and Glendale residents.

Twice in the past 10 years, rezonings for residential homes were proposed on this property but were withdrawn prior to the council vote because of a lack of council support. Objections related to airport protection, transportation issues, school overcrowding, and too many lots placed along 107th Ave., as well as access to 107th Ave.

The property is located in Councilman Daniel Valenzuela ’s district. He took the lead on crafting stipulations to make the project more neighborhood- sensitive, including additional height restrictions and larger lots on the perimeter.

Harry  Lourimore and Kevin Rust shepherded the project for Mattamy.

Hillary Turby from Anderson Baron was the planner, and Dawn Cartier from Civ-Tech served as the project engineer. Jordan Rose and senior planner, Jennifer Hall from Rose Law Group were land use counsel.

During Mattamy’s presentation, Rose said, “This is exactly what land use cases are supposed to be, the coming together of a variety of interests to make the community better. In this case, a rather small subdivision is helping solve a regional problem.

“Mattamy is proud to be a party to the solutions,” Rose said.