Pinal Partnership and Rose Law Group Founder and President Jordan Rose call out legislative efforts to stop Resolution Copper mine

(Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Resolution Copper.)

By Aaron Dorman | Pinal Central

MARICOPA — Before the start of Friday’s Pinal Partnership breakfast, panel moderator Jordan Rose made a statement about recent news regarding the planned Resolution Copper mine near Superior, noting the project had run into some “pitfalls.”

“Pinal Partnership has been a big supporter of Resolution Copper,” Rose said. “We’ve taken positions in favor of what would be the largest copper project in the world.”

As part of the budget reconciliation package being discussed in Congress, an amendment nullifies the land swap that would enable the mining. The land swap, between Resolution Copper and the federal government, was originally approved by Congress in 2014. However, an environmental impact study published last year was rescinded after criticism that the Trump administration had rushed the process.