Political heavy weight Hugh Hallman named new Chairman of Rose Law Group Litigation Department

Hallman brings 25+ years of legal wins to Rose Law Group and doesn’t rule out another run for office

(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) – Hugh Hallman has worn many distinguished hats over his 25 year career in law, education, politics and business; Mayor of Tempe, Statewide Candidate for Treasurer, Headmaster, Economist, and Civic Activist. But one title that has remained steadfast throughout his career, is serving as one of the state’s top attorneys.

Scottsdale based Rose Law Group pc is pleased to announce the appointment of Hugh Hallman as Chairman of Rose Law Group’s Litigation Department.

Hallman’s significant experience includes election law, complex finance law, education, technology, and government, both as an accomplished litigator and as a master of business deals. His years of service, and dedication in the legal field has led to impressive work in representing Apple against Microsoft, as well as Dell against Texas Instruments.

“Hugh Hallman is one most intelligent, experienced and diversified litigators and transaction attorneys in our state right now”, said Jordan Rose, Founder and President of Rose Law Group. “He not only brings an impressive resume, and vast collection of skills to our firm, but he is a real asset for clients working with local, state and national governmental bodies across the globe.”

Before and after serving as Mayor of Tempe from 2004 to 2012, Hallman served as a political consultant for city, state and national campaigns, providing advice on economic issues, tactics, and outreach programs.

“My broad political experience has taught me how to work effectively with government officials at all levels, and how to accomplish a client’s objectives, while bringing people together to find common ground and practical solutions,” said Hallman. “I’m excited to be leading the litigation department here at Rose Law Group and hope to provide my expertise on many more matters to come.”

In Election law and First Amendment matters, Hallman shines. He’s represented political parties and candidates in ballot challenges, freedom of speech issues, testing the Constitutionality of Arizona’s party regulation statutes, the electronic distribution of voter data and numerous other issues.

Hallman has also practiced across the legal spectrum in Business Law. With a concentration in domestic and international finance and taxation, Hallman’s experience is diverse, and includes straight lending transactions, preferred securities, public and private placements of equity securities, and operations and tax-planning advice and strategies to corporations and businesses in major acquisitions, mergers and reorganizations.

Hallman has represented organizations ranging from small family businesses and start-up enterprises to large, established and publicly-traded institutions. He has represented parties in modest matters as well as in transactions that have exceeded 2.5 billion dollars and litigated disputes that have exceeded 5 billion dollars.

To round out his resume, in 2009, while serving at Tempe Mayor, Hallman limited his law practice to serve as the Headmaster of Tempe Preparatory Academies, sixth through twelfth-grade public schools serving more than 450 students, a position he held from 2009 to 2013. Under Hallman’s leadership, Tempe Prep was ranked as the top public school in the State of Arizona that maintains fully open enrollment practices.

Hallman is a writer and frequent speaker on topics ranging from law, education, municipal governance, finance, real estate and foreign relations, in the latter case specifically regarding Mexico and Kazakhstan. And Hallman is not ruling out another political run — this time perhaps for Congress.

To reach Hugh Hallman please call 480-505-3941 or by email at hhallman@roselawgroup.com