Polo With A Purpose: World-Renowned Event Returns With Social Distancing And New Charities


(Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents HealthyVerify Certification.)

By Kamala Kirk | The Entertainer! Magazine

Since 2011, the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships has been the United States’ premier polo event, attracting thousands of people from around the world, including top polo players, sponsors and celebrities.

This year’s event will return on Saturday, November 7, under a new name The Stella Artois Polo Classic: Presented by Ketel One, accompanied by socially distanced safety measures and a focus on helping charities, schools and nonprofits.

“This year we wanted to send a different message to everyone,” says Jason Rose, the event’s co-founder and co-owner. “We still want people to come out and have a great time, but things are going to be a little different due to the current environment. We’ve had to balance everything in order to put together this year’s event. Next year, we expect to return to our original name and event.”