Priorities For New State Senate Finance Committee Chair Include Mitigating Devastating Effects Of Prop. 208

(Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Ann Siner of My Sister’s Closet and Judge John Buttrick in their litigation efforts against 208.)

By Glenn Hamer | Chamber Business News

Arizona, like the nation as a whole, is experiencing an uneven recovery from the initial economic impacts of the pandemic. What that means is that some sectors of the economy have rebounded sharply, while others remain in freefall.

At this critical moment, pro-growth policies can help businesses recover and help get the unemployed back to work, but bad policy risks further decimating businesses and jobs. Arizona’s Proposition 208 is perhaps the most misguided policy on the ballot—in any state—this November.

Small businesses are a critical source of jobs and a vital part of our economic ecosystem, serving as both suppliers and customers to larger organizations. In Arizona, small businesses employ 58 percent of Arizonans in the private sector. In certain sectors, small businesses have an even larger footprint. For example, small firms employ 82 percent of all Arizonans in the construction industry and 62 percent in real estate. They also employ 56 percent of those in food services and accommodation and over 50 percent in professional and business services.