Proposal to ban sanctuary cities sees opposition from Arizona businesses; Rose Law Group Immigration Law Department Chairman, Darius Amiri, sides with opposition


When it comes to controversial sanctuary city policies, a coalition of Arizona small businesses is taking a stand.

“Local First Arizona,” a group of roughly 3,000 local businesses, have voiced their opposition to SCR 1007 and HCR 2036 in a press release.

The controversial proposals are currently undergoing fierce debate in Arizona’s state legislature, and would prohibit localities and cities from self-designating themselves as “sanctuaries” for those who enter the country illegally.

Local First Arizona regards the measures as “unnecessary” since such action is “already prohibited under existing state legilsation,” according to the release.

Among Local First Arizona’s allies in this fight is Democratic Party presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who took to Twitter to oppose the GOP-backed proposal:


“SCR 1007 is an unnecessary measure that would echo the days of SB 1070, a measure that cost Arizona taxpayers and small businesses millions of dollars in addition to the negative attention it drew. Local First Arizona is right to oppose this measure, which at the end of the day is nothing more than bad optics and bad business for Arizona.”

~ Darius Amiri