Proposition 208 To Be Challenged In Court By Leading Arizona Business Owner And Retired Judge. Litigation Will Claim The Tax Hike Is Unconstitutional

(Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents these plaintiffs in this case.)

(SCOTTSDALE, AZ.) Litigation will be filed December 1st challenging the constitutionality of Proposition 208. The plaintiffs will be Ann Siner, CEO and Founder of My Sister’s Closet, and retired Maricopa County Superior Court Judge John Buttrick

Scottsdale-based Rose Law Group will file the lawsuit after the election is canvassed. The litigation will show that Proposition 208 is not only the largest tax increase in state history, but it violates the Arizona Constitution by circumventing the Arizona State Legislature and giving the power to tax and spend to unelected bureaucrats. The lawsuit is not challenging the ballot process nor does it have anything to do with election issues, plaintiff say.

Ann Siner, CEO and Founder of My Sister’s Closet

Siner said, “Business owners are struggling to stay afloat in Arizona and Proposition 208 threatens to drive them, and the jobs they provide, out of Arizona. We need to find legal ways to fund education that don’t damage Arizona’s economy. The best way to get more money for schools is to create more taxpayers, not fewer.”

Judge Buttrick said, “The Arizona Constitution says taxing and spending is the responsibility of our elected Arizona Legislature. These are individuals who can be held accountable by voters. Proposition 208 gives taxing and spending authority to bureaucrats with no accountability. It violates the rights of every Arizona taxpayer.”

Rose Law Group Regulatory Attorney Tom Galvin

Rose Law Group President Jordan Rose said in conjunction with firm lawyers Tom Galvin and Logan Elia, “This lawsuit represents a defense of Arizona’s Constitution and economy. Both are jeopardized by 208. There are better ways to fund education and it is up to our elected leaders to make the tough decisions. You can’t vote bureaucrats out of office and they are the ones who would control the funds that come from 208. The answer to this problem is electing leaders willing to do the right thing. The answer is NOT illegal shortcuts that upend the Arizona Constitution.”

Contact: Michael Anthony Scerbo Rose Moser Allyn Public and Online Relations