Raven Golf Course Owners Drop Plans for Redevelopment

Raven golf course

(Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents the Raven)

By Rose Hutchinson | South Mountain District News

The Raven is saved, at least for the near future.

Six months after the owners of the golf course first contemplated building houses on the 18-hole course residents and neighbors consider a historic landmark in their community, the proposal has been dropped. In late July, an attorney for the owners confirmed they are no longer pursuing redeveloping the property into a nine-hole attraction and building additional houses.

“After much discussion with Vice Mayor (Kate) Gallego, the owners have decided not to alter the golf course in any way,” said Jordan Rose, an attorney with Scottsdale-based Rose Law Group, who represents the owners. “They very much appreciated Vice Mayor Gallego’s candor with respect to the wishes of her constituents and their desire to see the 18-hole Raven course remain as it is today.”

Gallego met with residents and echoed their position that the golf course is important to the area economically and culturally.